The Spalding Inn

Previously owned by Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes

TAPS Boot Camp 101 Event with the TAPS Team

Whitefield, New Hampshire

May 2009

Investigation & Evidence

Personal Experiences

While investigating at the Spalding Inn, a few of our team members had personal experiences that were unfortunately not caught on camera or recorded.  While investigating the Carriage House at night with a group of around 20 people, several people were upstairs.  Lori and a few others heard several knocking sounds downstairs, so they went downstairs to see if anyone else was down there.  While in the hall by the stairway.  When Lori was looking at the stairs, she saw a shadow figure standing on the stairs, grab ahold of the banister with both hands, lean over to look at her and the pull back away and disappear!!  Lori immediately went over to the stairs to follow it only to find nothing there.  There were a few people sitting with their backs against the wall at the top of the stairs. When asked immediately after it happened, they said they saw nothing there and that they had not moved.


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