Salem Con 2016

Held at the Hawthorn Hotel 
18 Washington Square, Salem, Massachusetts 

Paranormal & Lecture Series Event

Sponsored by MGHPS - Massachusetts Ghost Hunters
Salem, Massachusetts

April 9, 2016

Investigation & Evidence

EVP Session in the "Harry Potter" Bookshop audio
Salem-Con 2016 evening investigation at the Bookshop referred to as the 

"Harry Potter Shop," the evening of April 9, 2016. The investigation included a group of paranormal investigators attending the Salem-Con event. 


Jack Kenna of the Spirits of New England team is the person speaking on the audio clip. He is holding a set of dowsing rods and asks the question, "So there is nobody in particular you would like to talk with?" and you will hear a whispered response... "yes" 

EVP Session in the Old Jail house audio
Salem-Con 2016 evening investigation in the Old Jail house the evening of April 9, 2016, led by Scott Gruenwald and Steve DeSchiavi with a group of paranormal investigators attending the Salem-Con event.

We conducted an interesting EVP session where Scott Gruenwald had us sit in a circle and count. Once we reached the last person, we skipped the number 13 and then continued counting.  Listen to the number count carefully.  When Scott replayed the recording after we counted, we could hear the number 13 said very clearly…. No one in the room said the number 13.  See if you can hear it...

Thank you to Marc Arvilla, Lauren Sheridan and MGH Paranormal for putting on such a fun event at Salem-con this year! There were quite a few venders and exciting speakers, and we investigated 3 out of 4 of the great places that night!  The “Harry Potter” Bookshop, the Old Jail House hosted by Steve DeSchiavi from the Travel Channel’s “The Dead files,” and Scott Gruenwald from the Travel Channel’s “Paranormal Paparazzi and “Ghost Adventures,” The Old Firehouse with John Zaffis and Brian Cano from SyFy’s “Haunted Collector.”

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