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We, as a team, have worked hard to build a solid foundation of scientific practices in investigating the paranormal for individuals and businesses who need answers for those unexplained occurrences happening around them. Please contact Nova-SPIs at novaspis@gmail.com or go to our Contact Us page


The NoVA-SPIs Team has had a multitude of experience investigating the paranormal including investigating with the Ghost Hunters Team (TAPS) from the SyFy Channel and private investigations for families, businesses and organizations. 

Read What Lindsey Leake from American University had to say about NoVA SPIs Founder, Lori Miars!!
This Va. ghost hunter hasn't been spooked -- yet
Interview and Article of NoVA SPIs Founder, Lori Miars
by Lindsey Leake/American Univeristy
February 13, 2018

Bodie (Lori)

Founder, Communications Director, Tech Specialist, Investigator, Evidence Review

In order to find a solution, you must first identify the issue. Sounds simple, right? I honestly came into this field in 2007, but have had my own opinions based on experiences I’ve had in my life. The first experience happened when I was a young teen with my grandmother, and the 2nd over 10 years ago with my father.  Each one came to me in my dreams and when I woke up I found that they had passed. My grandmother was speaking German in my dream, and I understood her even though I do not speak German, and she was standing in front of a house I never knew. My father appeared in a dream while I was flying back from Texas. He looked so young and healthy. Were both dreams just suggestive memories as my grandmother was very old and my father had cancer?  People usually contact us because they fear something they cannot explain. There are so many logical solutions to unexplainable events and then there are events that, by ruling almost everything else out, are potentially paranormal. Personally, I’ve seen the apparition of a child peeking over a banister at me. There was no logical explanation for me on this.  We do investigate the paranormal because we personally believe there is more that happens after we die, and giving a sense of peace to a client and their children so they can live comfortably in their own home, is worth everything.

Kathy (Kat)

Founder, Case Manager, Web Design, Research, Investigator, Evidence Review

I had an out-of-body experience many years ago that confirmed for me that there is an entire universe around us that we cannot see.  I wanted to know more!  I went to a UFO conference in Laramie, WY in 1992 where I met so many people who had been through life-changing events. The emotional experience was extraordinary! I believe in the paranormal. I believe there are people, entities, energy around us that can affect us and/or communicate with us in this world.  Even though I do know that there is more than the physical world around us, I am definitely a skeptic. I want to see things for myself! I don’t jump right to the conclusion that something is paranormal before ruling out any other possibility first. The research we do prior to any of our investigations is such a great way to learn more about the people we help and the history surrounding certain areas. I love that I am part of a team who searches for the truth and helps those who have nowhere else to turn to get help. We help people realize they are not crazy and they are not alone.


Co-Founder, Tech Specialist, Investigator, Evidence Review, Research

I have been interested in the paranormal and the unexplained since I was a young kid. My sister and I would laugh and say there was a ghost in an old trunk that our parents bought at an antique store. We, including my father, would hear noises in the house that were unexplainable. As I got older, I had a fascination with graveyards and would read every ghost book I could find. The “fun” began when I bought my first house in Leesburg, VA. I saw my very first full-bodied shadow figure and continued to have more unexplained events in the house until I sold it in 2001.  Because of those and other personal experiences, my passion for the paranormal led me to join this group in 2011. I hope that through investigating, we find answers to all the questions and are able to prove that there are events that can’t be explained away by science. My other hobbies are camping, hiking, scrapbooking and genealogy.


Co-Founder, Tech Support, Research, Investigator, Evidence Review

I have had personal experiences on several occasions that led me to join this group in 2011 despite my fear of the dark.  I am curious as to what is out there and to help people find an answer(s) to their unexplained events no matter what it turns out to be.  I enjoy working on the research aspect of an investigation. I have been told I am a “sensitive” as I am aware of certain things that others don’t notice. My other hobbies include camping, hiking and going to baseball games.


Investigator in Training

Josh is the newest member of our team.  He has always had a curiosity in the paranormal and hopes to be able to try and get a better understanding of events that cannot be explained both logically and/or scientifically.   


Guest Investigator

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