Old Washington Courthouse & Prison

58 E Broadway

Salem, New York 12865
Investigation with our sister team
S.P.I.R.I.T.S of New England
September 2016

Old Washington County Courthouse and Prison in Salem, New York is one of the most important historic public buildings in the region. It contains one of the best preserved nineteenth century courtrooms in the entire state.  The building was designed by noted architect Marcus Cummings, and built in 1869, replacing the original Main Street Courthouse wooden building. The attached jail was designed by William J. Beardsley, architect of Attica State Prison, and was completed in 1906.  Many Paranormal groups have investigated the courthouse and prison since it has been vacated around 2001.  Our sister group, Spirits of New England and NoVA-SPIS were invited by the current caretaker/manager to investigate. There has been a lot of ‘activity’ in the jail/prison cells where more than one prisoner committed suicide, as well as the basement where the showers were located, and the segregation or 3rd floor prison area. 

Currently, the Courthouse serves the area as a vibrant community center offering many opportunities and services for the community. Please see the website for the community center for more information… 

While investigating the third floor, segregated/solitary confinement area of the Washington Courthouse and Prison, our team found the following EVP's. 


EVP in the Third-Floor Solitary - "Flash Light"

In this first EVP... the segregated area can only be accessed by going outside and climbing the separate outside metal, fire-escape style staircase.  You will hear one investigator (Lori) asking "Do you want to make that sound again" and a few seconds after that you will hear a whisper... "Flash Light" - Only one investigator (Joe) actually hears the whisper at the time and you will hear him asking... "Did you hear that?"

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EVP in the Third-Floor Solitary - "Humming Female Voice"

In this second EVP, in the solitary confinement area, starting at about 3 seconds on the audio, you will hear a female voice humming and later at about 17 seconds, you will hear what sounds like a yell.  No-one from the investigating team heard either of the sounds at the time.

Loud bang on the wall in the Third-Floor Pedophile room 

Please be aware... There is Very Strong language on this audio recording!

In this EVP session, we had been attempting to communicate using a flashlight by loosening the end of the flashlight. It has been found that loosening the end makes it easier for 'spirits' to turn the flashlight on or off without needing to use too much energy.  We had heard the word "flashlight" whispered earlier in the evening, so we thought this might get results.  As we were trying to set the flashlight up, out of nowhere, we heard this loud bang.  'Something' banged or hit the wall.  One of the investigators, Sarah, was sitting up against the wall and says it actually felt like a 'hand' hitting the wall.  We had investigators go all around the area to make sure there was no one else around.  We have no explanation for the loud bang!

PEOPLE for the Ethical Treatment of Spirits - P.E.T.S. - LET US help!

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