Mt. Washington

Beyond Reality Event with the TAPS Team

Bretton Woods, New Hampshire

August 2008 and April 2009

Investigation & Evidence

EVP caught in the Princess Room


While investigating the Princess Room at Mt. Washington, you will hear Jason Hawes ask, "if that was you, can you stop doing that please?". He was referring to an energy approaching a K-II meter and making it light up.  No one in the room heard what was caught on our recording right before he asked the question!

Built in 1902 by wealthy businessman Joseph Stickney, the Mount Washington Hotel was truly a wealthy man’s paradise. He and his wife Carolyn loved the hotel almost as much as they loved each other. However, on one tragic day in 1903 Joseph died from a sudden heart attack, leaving his devastated widow to roam the hotel they both loved so much, alone.

Carolyn eventually married again, to Prince Lucinge of France, and moved over to his homeland with him, until he died years later. After his death the princes moved back to the Mount Washington Hotel, spending the rest of her days enjoying the hotel and its many luxuries that her first husband had worked so hard to build.

It’s Carolyn’s ghost that many people believe still haunts the hotel today. Staff and guests alike have reported seeing the apparition of a woman that matches Carolyn’s description looking over the balcony of the hotel. She used to stand here secretly comparing what people were wearing, determined to outshine them. Her ghost has also been seen descending the stairs for the dinner.

Room 314 (also known as the Princess Room), used to be Carolyn’s private suite. The hand crafted four poster bed in this room is the one that she shared with her husband, Joseph. On a few occasions, guests have awoken to see Carolyn sitting on the end of the bed, slowly brushing her hair. In this room TAPS (Ghost Hunters TV Show), caught an 
EVP of a woman, believed to be Carolyn, seemingly respond to their questions. Continue reading

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