The Cabin on 360

5416 Mechanicsville Turnpike

Mechanicsville, VA

NoVA-SPIs Private Investigation

with Spirit Guides Paranormal

June 23, 2018

NoVA-SPIs Private Investigation

with WPRS of North Carolina

May 12 thru May 14, 2017

1st Annual Investigation to Benefit Evergreen Cemetery

April 29, 2017

Investigation & Evidence

EVP Session in the Brick Rancher at the Cabin on 360

The Cabin on 360, Brick Rancher, Mechanicsville, VA, June 23, 2018

There was an EVP session held with Kathy Anderson, Nancy Robinson, Tiffany Cook of NoVA SPIs and Diana Kruk of Spirit Guides Paranormal teams.  The session took place in the upstairs front bedroom of the brick rancher.  When asked 'Can you tell us what your name is?' There seems to be a response.  Listen to the clip and let us know what you hear !!

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