Belle Grove Plantation

9221 Belle Grove Drive
King George, VA

Paranormal Investigation

Co-investigated with Spirit Guides Paranormal

November 3, 2018

Belle Grove Plantation is located in King George, VA and is a Virginia Landmark. The original plantation was established in 1670 as a tobacco plantation with 1,000 acres. It was the childhood home of James Madison’s mother, Eleanor Rose “Nellie” Conway. James Madison, the fourth President of the United States, was born on March 16, 1751, in an earlier house which no longer stands. The mansion was built over the original settlement in 1791. It is now the home of Belle Grove Plantation Bed & Breakfast.

Belle Grove Plantation has a well-documented paranormal history. The was featured on the SyFy Channel’s ‘Ghost Hunters’ in 2014, and TLC Channel’s ‘Kindred Spirits’ in 2018. To find more history of the plantation and mansion, continue reading.

Investigation & Evidence

EVP -- Winter Kitchen

In this EVP session, the NoVA SPIs team (Lori, Nancy, Kathy, Tiffany) was in the Winter Kitchen in the basement of the mansion. You will hear a response right at the 1:01

(1 minute and 1 second) spot on the audio. We were told by the owner of the Bed & Breakfast that she would come down to the basement and sing... 'My Bonnie Lies over the Ocean,' so we decided that we would perform our own rendition of this song....When we finished, you will hear what we think is a response.  Let us know what you think is being said.  Kathy, Tiffany, and Nancy actually hear the voice, but Lori, who was holding the video camera, did not. The response was also on both recorders we had running, but it was not heard on the video camera that Lori was holding. 


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